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Jo Ann Finchum Special saved Main Page info December 29, 2011

To Our Special Angel Families online  

We would like to thank all our very special Angel Friends for all of the support and prayers and candles and acts of kindness shown to us since we became a member of this family. ~♥~ Thank you and God Bless You ~♥~ We would like to invite all our Angel Friends to put their Angel's name in Leah's Angel Friends Page, and any info about your loved one. Please include a link to their website and a birthdate and Angel date.

P.S. Angel Families~whom we love dearly~ please forgive me if don't manage to light candles timely for all our angels. Somedays I am just overwhelmed with e sorrow, I can't bear it. Know everyone is always in my heart and on my mind. We all share the same kind of grief and I know you all have been at that place too. I love all my angel families so much!!!! Aunt Jo
~Please continue to pray for our Family~

If Love could have saved you, you would have lived forever!


Love did save you, God's love. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16


Leah it is so comforting to know you were saved.That someday we will be reunited with you and all our loved ones gone on before. Praise the Lord!

Leah~ First Birthday~ 

~ We never dreamed when you were a little girl, you would be taken from us in such a manner as this~

Leah Loved cooking in her playhouse

~ Leah ~ Daddy ~ Niece Haley~

 and of course Sadie, Leah's


~Taken Easter weekend~2009~

Douglas McDaniel jr
Leah i cant belive its been two yrs now.We all miss you so much.i still remember my prom it was so great because you and really were a true and daniel spent some time with ur dad and amy,jason and ur beautiful niece couple weeks ago.we help do some yard work it was fun lol.i still wish u were trying to move back to west virgina to be closer to my dad familey.i love you so much and i miss you



Katelyn Marie Garrett :)
Im from Point Pleasant, West Virginia Ive actually told this story to a few friends and it touches them deeply they pray for your family still <3 . A friend I know from sevierville tn had mentioned her name to me, and told me the story. It had bothered and had been on my mind, repeatedly and I couldnt put my finger on it of why it bothered me. I looked at this page  multiple times, she looked so familiar. Well I read her life story she worked at Texas Roadhouse it brought me to tears, my family and I had stopped there to eat. I fell on my way out of the bathroom I'm more then sure she seen me haha she had a huge smile on her face, I talked to her for a couple seconds before I set down. I didnt know her well but she seemed kind, and sweet, she had a beautiful smile and she was a beautiful girl. Its tragic, and sad, it actally angers me to see such a young life been taken by a dumb boys wreckless choice and a stupid act its sad to think she didnt get to live to the fullest :'/ but your in a better place now, in gods arms. I convey my tender feelings of sympathy and support to you on the loss of your tender and sweet child. May God take you towards the happier days after this tragic loss. I pray that your family stays strong and holds together, i pray for you Leah. RIP Leah Avirl, we'll all be seeing you <3  

Im Tori Pryor and im from Point Pleasant West Virginia! My best friend Katelyn Garrett was friends with one of Leah's friends and heard about what happened and was absouloutley devistated! she told me about it and now we always look at the page and check up on the memorial pages! Katelyn was actually talking about how she could have sworn she knew Leah from a trip she took a few years ago and she thought she'd seen her at Texas Roadhouse. We were lookin at her life story today and she about cried when she seen that she did meet her once before:) I just wanted to say that im sorry for your loss and please dont be sad shes watching you(: You all will be together again one day!!! shes still with you even if she not phisically here with you! You daughter Leah was a VERY Beautiful girl and from what i see she had alot going for her! Ive just recently lost a friend and a family member to the same way and i just tel my self they arent gone they just went away for a while we'll meet up again later(: I give my Condolences and Prayers to family and friends!
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