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Leah Victoria Avril
Born in Tennessee
18 years
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 A Gathering of Friends

A Place to share fond memories and photos of Leah.

This webpage is for everyone who knew and loved Leah.

Keeping her memory in our hearts





Ya!  Seniors! 2009


Best Friends Chelsea and Leah

Kelsey and Leah at the beach ~2006

Best Friends




Chelsea Reagan August 1, 2012
very missed Leah! big shoes to fill
image Thinking of you and wishing how much you were here with us and Taylor & Chelsea as they get married. I am humbled and know I have big shoes to fill (yours) as Chelsea's maid of honor.  You are in our hearts through it all! I can imagine how excited you would be/are for them. You will be celebrating with the best in Heaven & we will be thinking of you lots down here. They will def. have the most special angel shining over their weddings!!!!!! Love & Miss You sweet girl.  

they will be wearing white on their weddings day ...but that's also a reminder of the pure pretty bright angel that you are. & us wearing white in honor of you/to be more like you.  we all love you so! 
thanks for always being an inspiration to us. 

'"Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear." (Fine linen stands for the righteous act of God's holy people.' -Revelation 19:8
Amanda Luckey April 18, 2012
Your Memories are still alive
Leah, I can't express how we all feel each time you cross our minds!!. We all miss you so much, but I have to say you are in a far better place worshiping our father! I am just so sad that you couldn't stay with us a litte longer! Each time logan preaches on salvation he has never failed to mention you in a church service! Through you it has given him as well as others an opportunity to show the lost that we are not promised tomorrow and today is the day of salvation! Even though your not here with us your memery and love still lives on! We are fighting for you and we are not giving you! We love you and miss you. One day we will all join together again in heaven, What a day that will be!
Chelsea Reagan May 25, 2011
image  Thinking of you so much Leah! Time passes, but the memories and love you shared never fade. The girls & I talked about you lots today..funny & sweet memories that you've left us with. (like the day you carried that huge teddy bear around school one day of senior year lol) You have a very, very special place in all of our hearts, and that will Never change no matter where life takes us on our journeys. We're all working on our lives and the roads that we're on so we can make it home to you and sweet Jesus one day. There's always going to be bumps in the road, but you make us want to share love every. single. step. of the way. Your impact on us is unfathomable..kinda like Jesus & Heaven. Such an angel you are, and such a blessing you are to Jesus & his kingdom! 

"I thank my God every time I remember you." -Philippians 1:3 ...that's straight from my heart! Miss you girly. Shine on & see you soon (in your time)...
"But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like a day." -2 Peter 3:8
love you!
Taylor December 7, 2010
Dear, Better half
image Leah, Im so lost with words. I miss you so much everyday I deal with knowing I cant get you back. I dont understand how someone could take such a sweet amazing person. How could he have been so selfish? It just does not make sense! I know you are happy where you are. I cant wait till the day I can hug you and God and know that I will never have to worry again. Its so hard here i just want ot be with you. I want you to know I miss you so much and think about you all the time all day ALWAYS! I will see you oneday I know i will! I wonder what the first thing we will talk about? I know it will be great tho! You are forever in my heart and you shine through me when I think I cant go on! Thank you for being the best friend that I could have ever asked for! Love you!
Gabrielle McDaniel October 10, 2010
Great Friend
image I didn't know you that well myself but you were always there for my brothers you meant the world to them. You'll be forever missed.

Jessica October 8, 2010
Missing Leah!
Hey leah was a great girl i didnt know her very well we went to school together i was a yr older then she was & she was an absolutely great and never ever seen her without a smile on her pretty face! she was always so and happy and so beautiful. im so sorry for your lose we all miss her and think about her all the time i cant look @ her pictures without tearn up its so sad buts shes in heaven watchn over everyone & we will see her again one day! Love Jessica
Makenzie September 18, 2010


      I miss you soo much... I always think bout the laughs we have had together and the goodtimes and I still have your number in my phone and I still forget that I cant txt you, but if i could and you could get it in heaven  it would say.. I love you and I can wait to see you I know your in a better place now but i still wish you were here. I'll be looking up in the sky for you so i hope your lookin back at me : )

                              I love ya soo much ..

                                          love kenzie xoxoxo

<3 July 15, 2010

Sweet Sweet Leah,

I see your pretty face everyday when I look at your picture and wish that this was all just a horrible dream. I've talked to your momma a lot lately, she said it seems to help her when she hears from all of your friends who love and care about you so much. You are more than just a memory, you have touched all of our lives forever and we would do anything to have you back home enjoying the summer. Please send us another rainbow and come visit in our dreams.

Love you and miss you more everyday Sweet Leah.

Chelsea Reagan June 21, 2010
I had a dream last night that God let you come back to visit everyone for a week.. We were so happy!..hugging you like crazy and going back to your house every morning. Then your momma and your family packed up and took you to the beach for the rest of it. It seemed so real!! I'll never forget it. I know it will be like that someday in Heaven.. I can't wait for it! Loving you forever♥
Alana May 25, 2010
Missing you sweet Leah..
You cross my mind all the time.. the smallest thing will remind me of you. I miss the times we used to have. I wish we had more, but one sweet day we will have more to come. I miss the birthday parties, sleepovers, jumping on your trampoline, and staying up all night talking about boys. You were one of the best friends I had growing up. You always knew how to make me feel better and make me laugh. Knowing you are in a MUCH better place than I am looking over me and everyone else makes me feel better when I'm having a bad day. It's hard to believe what happened even 6 months later, but everything happens for a reason & now Heaven has the most beautiful angel. You are the sweetest person I ever knew.. you were so good to everyone. I'm always gonna miss your smile Leah, it could make anyone's day. I love you so much pretty girl...

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