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Karissa White

Leah's   special angel Logan Bradlee Berg we made homeade angel suger cookies to be around logans birthday cake here is Leah's thank-you for being you                  





Thank you, Aunt Karissa, for being so thoughtful to Leah. I cried when I saw the cookie. Angel Baby logan is so special. I had to re-do his rock a little. The sun bleached the names off even though I sealed them.Paint and then sealer works best. Always in our heart. Aunt Jo

Tiffany Cates
Remember all the adventures we had as a child ovr at your Dads house? Remember all the times we would try and swim in thirty degree swimming pool there too. Remember when you got braces and you hated them so bad but i told you you still look gorgeous with them. Remember all the times we went to farm with your dad and we saw all the cows and tht one time you gave me a kitten but i could keep it cause it was to young and i had to give it back? Remember all that time between me moving away from your dads house and over near the high school that we lost touch and that one day i saw you with your dad and as soon as i got home i looked up your dads number and called you up jst so we could get back in touch and evr since tht day we spent almost evry weekend together you went to your dads. Your dad was like a dad to me and we felt like we were sisters cause we were together alot and grew up together. Never had a friend for nine years almost ten and we never once got in a fight or ever got mad at eachother! :'( and i miss that so much. You have yet to leave my mind and everything and everyone reminds me of you and how i wish we got to spend more time this past year and how i regret not hanging out with you when you called and asked jst two weeks before you were taken from me. :'( i know you want evryone including me to be happy tht your in a better place but there is noone like you Leah. Nvr knew what pain felt like till i lost my best friend. I love you so much and miss you too! Keep visiting my dreams please i know theres alot of people your visiting but dont forget me cause that one night you did made me so HAPPY! Keep looking ovr me Leah. Say Hi, and i love you to Jesus for me will ya? I love you!
Always in our Hearts!

Missing you so Much!

Leah, No holiday will ever be the same again without you! Do you have any idea how much we are missing you? We are  literally consumed by grief. Our hearts are broken. Only by the grace of God can we go on.

Leah and Morgan

Leah and her cousin Morgan on a cruise together

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