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Leah Victoria Avril
Born in Tennessee
18 years
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Leah's Cousins Page

This Page is for Leah's Cousins to post on. Add funny stories, photos, memories, dreams you might have, anything you like.


 Leah's 16th birthday party

June 13, 2007

With all her family and friends


Happy Sweet 16th Birthday!



Reganne and Leah

on Halloween


Leah and Morgan

with a best friend necklace

Leah and Brionna~2009


Leah and Tyler, and Reganne





Queen Leah and Jo Beth

MaKenna Lewis April 18, 2012
Love you
Leah, I remember when you let me borrow your beautiful blue dress for my first pageant. You always had so many barbies in your room, You always seemed to bring out the girlie side in me.
I also remember whenever I would come over before we went to church when we were kids, all we would do was jump on the trampoline (:
I hate that I missed out on so much of your life, but you definitely touched mine baby girl.
Wait for me at the gate with mom will you please (:
I love you and miss you.
melissa branton March 22, 2012

 had the best dream about you last night it was were eating cheesebugers &you a
Clay got up to sing row row row your boat you were so peaceful looking.  Your hair was in ringlets and you looked so happy.  You walked over to chad and kissed him on the cheek and then you sat down beside meand i told u that i loved u, my hand glided down ur arm until it reached ur hand and i got to hold ur hand for a second.  The whole time I could feel that it wasnt going to last long.  There was so much of a sence of peace around you it was amazing.  I miss you so much but i know that we will see each other again, this world is not home,we were made to be in Heaven

Heather March 21, 2011
Well, I finally got my dream!!!!! It was WONDERFUL!!!! You were beautiful, of course!!! You were wearing a pink polo shirt,blue jean shorts, and your beautiful long eyelashes!!! You told me something and I said , you were pretty smart after all!!! You just grinned. You had to go and I told you to visit mamaw tonight and you said "I always do". Noone else could see you but your mama and Hailey were sitting about midway down the bleachers and your mama was leaned over with her head in her arms and as u walked by she sit up and looked around with a confused look on her face like she sensed you!!!! It was a wonderful dream!! You were smiling and happy, like always!!!! Can't wait for the next one!!! Love You & Miss You LOTS!!!!!!!!!! 
Heather November 17, 2010
Leah, I miss u sooo much!!!! I can't believe its been almost a year since you were taken from us. Words can't describe the pain and void without u!! The reason, I'll never know, but I have to just trust that there is something that has or will happen from this tragedy!!!! Watch over all of us Guardian Angel!!! Love u and miss u lotsss!!!!!!!!! 
Heather October 11, 2010
Missing you very much!!! Me,Reganne,Sissy, and Haley stood in line for 3 hours today so that we could give your story to The Band Perry. Their song If I Die Young reminds Sissy of You. They have already read about you and lit u a candle!!!! You have touched their lives like you did the rest of us!! We will always be longing for the day we see you again in Heaven!!!!!!!!! Miss you terribly!!!
Little Cousin Cole July 8, 2010
~Kisses for Leah~

Cole giving kisses to Leah~Christmas 2008

Heather April 7, 2010
Hey,sweet Angel!!! When I think of you I think of joy and innocence!! Your beautiful smile and sweet voice pop in my head!! I only have sweet memories of you!! You were the sunshine on a cloudy day, and your memory still is!! You had an impact on so many lives , we didn't even realize how many. Of course on our family, but on so many others. I am so proud to say that you are my cousin!! Our world will never be the same, but I know you mourn for us being on this evil earth, because you know what its like to be in Heaven. I know u wish we join you in the streets of gold, but oh precious Leah we will one day!! And what a GLORIOUS Day that will be. Our family will bw whole again!!! Pieces of our hearts went with you on that day sweet angel. Thank you for always being you!!! Miss you so much!!! :(  
Emily February 22, 2010
i miss you
Leah, i miss you so much! I wish i could have seen you! I want you to know i love you so much! I want to be just like you ! you are georgous and i always wished i was as pretty as you!!!! i miss you so very much! every time i think about you i cry! i cant belive you are gone! i look forward to seeing you  you did not deserve this! but when i think about you i always think of us going to dollywood and when you straightined my hair but I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! LET JUSTICE BE SERVED!!!!! <3 I MISS YOU
Heather February 1, 2010
Your moma and me were talking about when I helped you fill out your financial aid for college.    We laughed!!!!!!!!   You always saw the good in EVERYTHING. Always a HAPPY and THANKFUL soul!!!!! I'll be missing you 4-ever!!!!!!!!!!!! You were one of a kind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy go lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heather January 28, 2010
Our Angel
Leah, we miss you sooooo much!!!! I have so many memories of you. I remember when mamaw,you,and me would go somewhere in my car you always would have to have a frog of mine to play with. I started just handing you one when you got in, you didn't have to ask for one You were always at mamaw's and always willing to play with the little kids. I know you would've been the BEST MOM. You were the sweetest,kindest,most humble person I have ever encountered. I just pray you weren't scared and God brought a calming spirit over you!!!!!! Dr. K told Tim a verse and it said that sometimes God takes the JUST to save them from evil ahead!!! You were the JUST and he was the evil!!!!! With God on our side I know we WILL get you the JUSTICE you deserve! Our hearts will forever be broken til that GLORIOUS day when we will meet again!!!!! 

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