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Leah Victoria Avril
Born in Tennessee
18 years
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Adoring Niece Haley's Pages

A loving bond is established 

Auntie and her new little niece  Haley


I will always miss my Auntie!

My mommy, me, and Auntie, I had to pose like Auntie.


My Beautiful Auntie

" Ballerina  Princess"

























haley February 25, 2012
missing you
Cryhi Antie i have not been doing this a lot. I  love and miss you antie and i know you do to so here i am and i want to say this i love you more than gum,brownies and a lot more than that,lisen i know you are not reading this but i know you are in my heart no matter what and nothing is going to chang that.Love,haley mae

so sad haley October 19, 2011
missing you antie
i wish you could be with me agan i wish you could send me dreams about you.You where my best friend.my mommy,daddy and me miss you very much.iI wish this was a dream!!!!!!I love and miss you very much.My mommy loves you and she always says that we will see you agan and we will.I did not think he would do that but he did.Why did he do that to her?love and always miss you antie one day i will see you and i will be so happy then. Love always haley
haley August 15, 2011

tomarrow im going to start 3rd grade.I wish you wish you were here with me.we miss you so much,life is not the same without you. Today i am taking guitar today. Me and you could play guitar together we miss you.LOVE HALEY

Feild Trip March 18, 2011
Auntie ,I dreamed you went to the zoo with me and you rode on a lion. Mommy said that you were in heaven with the lions and they wouldnt even bite you. I miss you so much!You are the best Auntie I wish you could be here with me and mommy'Nothing is the same.Love Haley Mae
4th of July without my auntie July 5, 2010
image Auntie, I wish you could be here with me. Please send me a dream tonight. I love you, Haley Mae
Auntie I lost another tooth February 24, 2010


           I lost another tooth today and I wanted to show you but I can't. I ask mommy all the time why did that boy to that to my auntie.Why did he take her away from us forever!My family will never be the same without my auntie.i miss her hair ,her smile just everthing about her.I Love you anutie forever and always.I am sending you a big kiss to heaven tonight.Please give me and mommy sweet dreams of you.Lets go to Jamica tonight we had so much fun there.Love,Haley

Haley February 15, 2010
Missing sharing this with you
Haley's Tooth


      Today Haley lost her front tooth. I want you to be here so bad. Today was the first big event you have not been here for. I am so glad that you were here the night that she lost her first tooth. That night me jason you and Haley were so excited we had your camera our  camera the video camera all focused on one little girl with her one loose tooth. We were so excited when it finally came out. You were so excited huging Haley getting kisses. Her life will just not be the same without you. you were more than an auntie. There will never be a day that goes by that we do not miss you ,send you kisses and love to heaven. I am looking forward to the day we meet again. I hope that it will be Jesus and you that meet me at the golden gates with you arms opened wide.I can close my eyes and see how wonderful it will be running to each other . I will hold you so tight I may never let you go.I wish that sissy could change what has happened to my sweet baby sister, but I can't. God knows why and some day we will ,until then.. we just have to trust in him and hope that the pain will some day ease.

                                                   Loving you forever,Sissy

Haley February 15, 2010
Ice cream with auntie




Haley February 15, 2010
My letter

Auntie, I made you this picture and left it at your treasure chest. I wish I could give you a big kiss and hug. I miss my auntie.Love Forever,Haley


Haley and Melody February 15, 2010


        I miss you so much! I wish you could spend Valentines Day with me. I was your little valentine.I sent you a valentine with me and melody we both miss our auntie.Love forever,Haley


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