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Leah Victoria Avril
Born in Tennessee
18 years
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Leah's Legacy & Special Memories

lii fly awayThis page is to honor our precious Leah. If you have a special thought, poem, photo, or memory of Leah, please feel free to leave it. If you have a story you remember and would like to share, please do.  In the future as the court proceedings develope, we will keep you all posted as to the outcome. It is a slow process and very draining emotionally. We just want all the justice we can get for Leah that the courts allow, knowing it will never be enough for what we have gone through with this terrible, horrendous, loss of our beautiful and kind daughter and sister and auntie.  We loved her so much. We will never be able to comprehend the why of it. Leah was so sweet and kind to everyone.

November 17, 2009

The saddest day of our lives!!!


Thank you to all Leah's family and friends who came out to remember

her last night, Nov. 17,2010

~♥~ About 50 people came to pay tribute ~♥~

Niece Haley singing for Auntie


Feb.12 ,2011 is the 44th year anniversary of my little sister's death. She was killed  in 1967 while walking to church by a drunk driver, who did not stop and went on down the road about 5 miles and wrecked and died also. Inside her little patent leather purse were her valentines for school , strewn all along the road way by our driveway.

Janie was 9 years old.

 R.I.P. ~Sweet Janie~ (Little Sister to Aunt Jo) ~ Never Forgotten ~

Andrea! October 7, 2010
I remember seeing you every day, 5 days a week at school for 13 years....nd now you're gone! I know you're in a better place nd with God now but I can't help but feel angry anyway. You were without a doubt one of the most amazing people to grace this earth. We all miss you more than you could imagine! I pray for your mom nd sister every day!! Love you beautiful...keep sending me dreams!! <3
Emily March 3, 2010

leah i miss you! you use to make me pretty :) you straitend my hair!!! i miss you and i shared  my first rollercoaster with you and amy! i miss you! you helped me with the pagent!!!! i miss everytime i got to spend with you and i will charish it forever i have some really good news im probably comin home thanks to your sissy it wont be the same for any of us! and i will NEVER be as special to haley as you were you will always be auntie and i will always be emmy but i miss you and i love you more than anything in this world i cant wait to see you in heaven!!!!

Ashley February 21, 2010
The saddest family on earth February 1, 2010
Heal our broken hearts Oh God!
 we make no apology for how ever we grieve.  This website is to honor Leah and her memory and her life.  The State of Tennessee is prosecuting this case. We intend to let the courts do their job. We only want justice, not revenge.
KWhite January 9, 2010
Aunt to our Angel Logan Berg
image I didnt know Leah but i would have liked to she sounds like a wonderful person with a very loving family so sorry for your loss, such a senceless crime they should pay for their crime our prayers sre with you and your family. This is our angel Logan we lost him to complications from pretussis >whooping cough> another preventable condition ,  God Bless and may you have the strength to get through the months ahead.

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