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Leah Victoria Avril
Born in Tennessee
18 years
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 Leah, Missing You Forever,

Loving You for Eternity



~♥~ At the Beach~ 2009~♥~ 

 Always In Our Hearts!



Always Loved, Never Forgotten!




 Always In Our Hearts!

























linsey Hendricks July 29, 2011
im coming to visit id like to meet you
ur moma February 15, 2011
I love this Valentine!

Your Moma February 12, 2011
A Valentine for you

Your Moma January 29, 2011
~I Love You Angel Girl~

ur moma January 20, 2011

Dear Angel girl, I have felt  better today than I have in many, many days, and I know that God is  blessing me and answering prayers.  Love your Moma forever.

This is one of my favorite pictures of you. Love and miss you! good night Baby.

Kim January 19, 2011
I came across this website while searching for domestic violence info. I do not know youor your daughter,, I live in Ny. My heart just aches for you. I am a mother of three daughter's I married very young to an abusive man whom I knew had a history of violence toward girls. I left him and fled with my girls...but always looking back over my shoulder,, because I was afraid for our lives. Everyone says young girls who witness abuse at young age trend to end up in abusive relationships.....I try all the time to tell my girls if you ever get in situation where you are scared to call me! I am so grateful that my mother never had to go through what you are going through,,, and hope that my girls never go through what I went through! I read that the young man who murdered your daughter had history of abuse,, so I ask myself why did she get involved? Yet I also ask myself why I did,, and then I read that she was always a loving ,caring young lady, which I am same way,,, think that I can help anyone and I thought I ccould change my ex,,, so I suspect that she probably saw the good in him and thought she could make him different....when no one can save men like that...they truly are evil! I saw the petition you have started and think its the best thing ever,,, wish I could help..but I don't reside in tn so therefore my voice does not matter,,,, but I do have family that live there,, my cousin (from my husband side) is a national wakeboarder, so I am going to send her the link and ask her to send to all her friends! again I am sorry for your loss, and hope that leah law is passed!
Leah and her Moma September 7, 2010
your sad moma June 16, 2010
~Love my Angel girl~

I love You!!! May 25, 2010
I'll always love you! May 25, 2010
~Happy Mother's Day from Heaven~

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