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Leah Victoria Avril
Born in Tennessee
18 years
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Moma's Angel Girl Texts

This page is created to leave text-messages to Leah. She loved texting on her cell phone.


Our Sweet Leah doing what she loved~~texting!

 ~Sweet Niece Haley~ "Can I please talk to Auntie?"


ur moma February 15, 2011
~Happy Valentine's Day ~My Leah~

   happy valentine day angelgirl ur resting place is beauitful thanks 2 all the peoplewho visited ur peaceful place and ur sissy @ niece lv u ur moma

   I love you   @     miss u sooooo much!                        


your moma April 23, 2010
missing my angel girl

Sweet heart i sure would like 2hv some of those choc-chip pancakes with coolwhip  i love u leah hv the time of ur life an run with those wild animals





it was a sunny day i went 2 watch haley play soccer she did good then i had lunch by myself  icome up to visit u i pull the grass from ur resting place





hi angel girl im numb i come 2 visit u 2day it was a sunny day moma had the top down i went to see chels room at ut she had a banner that says leah

Your Moma April 23, 2010
Soooooooo Heartbroken!!!!

Hi baby im sick i miss u want u but Jesus needed 2 take u home and 2 make a differ in the lives of others u hv ur stone and my stone is right bside u




hi baby i had a tree planted 4 u at ws it is a legacy sugarplum just like u i met some of ur teachers they miss u very much 2girls came out sis mam auntbonnie and me were there



jus wn 2 tell u i luv u i picked up some small rocks at ur resting place so i would hv something i could feel when i had to leave ur resting place

your Moma April 23, 2010
missing you!!!!
Hi my baby if i got that sick i couldn't make it through that without knowing u were here waiting on me then u took such good care of me i miss u more every day
your moma April 23, 2010
So Sad!!

Hi my baby it don't seem real i still can't believe ur not coming home this house is so lonely with out u here i was out here looking at the moon i thought about u must be thinking of me 2

Your Moma April 23, 2010
Sooooo Heartbroken!!!
hey baby moma can't sleep imiss u so much iwent 2 visit u tues i jus sat ther my brain felt numb i hv us a matching stone i wil b right bside u an dad
Your Moma April 23, 2010
Thinking of you!!!!
Hi baby my Leah angel girl, iwanted 2 let u know how much i hv enjoyed being ur moma i had u 2myself 4 9mo we had each  other i loved u so much
Your Moma April 23, 2010
Will I ever not hurt???
i miss u so bad my heart feels like it has a blister inside it and my mind is always wondering i want 2 hear u say mommy like u used to
your Moma April 23, 2010
Missing You!

Text sent on 12/25/09  to my Angel girl Leah~


merry christmas my angel girl ur restin place look so pretty we will be up 2 visit i lef u some presents by the fire place u wil like them iluv u



Leah i no u wouldn't wan ur moma 2 hurt bad 4 u i pray i don't lose it b4 justice or after i luv u

ur moma April 20, 2010
my special angel girl leah

Hi baby its our first easter apart on earth but we r together with Christ and death cant take that from us because he has risen you r bless my leah lvur


3:44pm       4/4/10




Hi my angelgirl i cant sleep or than i sleep and cant wake up i was hoping u could ask the Father if he could send an extra angel down 2 help mesurv ilvu my angelgirl



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