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Leah Victoria Avril
Born in Tennessee
18 years
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This is Mamaw's Memory Page for her Precious Grandaughter Leah Victoria Avril.



 ~Mamaw and Amy at Richardson's Cove picking up river rocks for Leah's Angel Flower Garden~

Leah was baptized in this river.


Beloved Mamaw and her Leah Angel Garden


This Poem was written for Leah's

Aunt Janie after her death at age 9 by a drunk driver while walking to church.




This poem was written by

Rev. Jake Owens, who was my pastor

and close personal friend to

the family, about five weeks after

 I lost my 9 yr.old daughter

to a drunk driver while she was walking to church.

Since losing my grandaughter, Leah,

it has rekindled the pain and loss.


In Loving Memory


Barbara Jane (Janie) Boling

February 25, 1957


February 12, 1967


A Note from Aunt Jo

As the sister of Janie, I can recall that day so vividly. One line in particular from the news paper article at the time is etched in my mind." A valentine with her name on it lay beside her shoe." Janie had her little

valentines in her patent leather purse, all ready for valentine's day at school on tuesday. The

impact scattered them as well as knocked her shoe off.

For some reason that always stayed in my mind,

Maybe because Go-Go boots were popular in the sixties, and she always wanted a pair.

Leah was so much like Janie in so many ways. So kind and gentle and loving. I always told momma Janie was the best one of us, and we have 9 children in our family.


In Loving Memory of Papaw

Victor Lafayette Boling

WWII Veteran

and a great man and father

June 13, 1920-Oct. 25, 1987


Leah shares Papaw's birthday

June 13

Leah's only niece shares the

same birthday

June 13

~Not an unlucky Day~


A Blessed Day for all of Us 



Mamaw and her little Leah September 7, 2010
1st picture
Mamaw misses you! July 5, 2010
image Leah, I miss you so much. Words could never say how much I miss you. I love you!Mamaw
Mamaw June 11, 2010
I Love and Miss You
Your Loving Mamaw January 20, 2010
The Heavenly Family

Leah, Mamaw told us a story about you when you were about three years old. She said you were petting and stroking her face when you stopped and said,

"Mamaw, you need to iron your wrinkles."


Little things like that are so dear to remember.


Mamaw also lost a 9 year old daughter to a drunk driver as she was walking to church along side the road just outside of our driveway. ( We lived within sight of the church almost). It was on a Sunday evening, Feb. 12, 1967, A day like Nov.17, 2009, etched forever on our heart. That was almost 43 years ago, but the memory is still vivid.

Mamaw had one dream of her daughter Janie that she can recall. She dreamed she was with Janie, and she asked her,"Who does your washing and ironing since your gone?"

Janie shrugged her shoulders and said,

"The Most Valuable One."


She told our pastor at the time, the

Rev Jake Owens, (deceased) Pastor of the House of Prayer Church of God, the

dream she had about Janie, and he said that was an angel, they are the most valuable one.


Leah always called Mamaw, "The Best

Mamaw in the world" and she is.


No greater earthly legacy, than the one my mother(Gladys Boling) has. She taught us all to love and serve the Lord.


Mamaw January 13, 2010
Wanting a Dream

Leah, please send me a good dream of you tonight.I miss you.

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