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Leah Victoria Avril
Born in Tennessee
18 years
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 A Gathering of Friends

A Place to share fond memories and photos of Leah.

This webpage is for everyone who knew and loved Leah.

Keeping her memory in our hearts





Ya!  Seniors! 2009


Best Friends Chelsea and Leah

Kelsey and Leah at the beach ~2006

Best Friends




To Our Angel January 25, 2010
The BEST friend any of us could ask for.
Chelsea Jensen January 21, 2010
my beautiful Leah-girl... my best friend
image Leah-girl... I love you so so much... I think of you every day, and you visit me in my dreams almost every night. I thank God for those dreams... they keep your spirit and smile alive, and you seem so close to me in them. Most times I wake up and mistake my dreams for reality... I wish so much that they are real. I miss you so much. So, so much. I was assigned a short story to read in one of my classes, and the beautiful maiden's name in the book is Leah. I highlighted her name every time it occurred. The story says, "She has her mother's looks and her daddy's soul." She reminds me so much of you!! She is a Southern Belle and is so loving and light-hearted. Every time it rains, she sits barelegged underneath a live oak tree so that the rain's mist can fall softly and slowly on her... I know the letter I wrote to you is still with you in your special place... and I like to think you read it every time you think of me... but I know that's probably not the case. Because you're not distracted with this world anymore. It gives me so much comfort to know your with our Father, loving Him and being loved. Thank you so much for my birthday present!! Your momma gave it to me on my birthday... she said you had bought it just the day before Daddy called you home. I hate so much I couldn't throw my arms around your neck and hug you for it. Of course I love it... you always knew what I would love. I bought a glass angel that has your name on it with dried flowers enclosed in it. I keep it on my bedside table as a reminder that you, my angel, are sending me precious dreams of you. You were the closest friend I've ever had... you know that. I'm sorry we never went ice skating like I promised you a couple of weeks before you left us forever. I love you so much.... You'll always be my Leah-girl. My best friend.

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