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Leah Victoria Avril
Born in Tennessee
18 years
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 A Gathering of Friends

A Place to share fond memories and photos of Leah.

This webpage is for everyone who knew and loved Leah.

Keeping her memory in our hearts





Ya!  Seniors! 2009


Best Friends Chelsea and Leah

Kelsey and Leah at the beach ~2006

Best Friends




Emilie February 28, 2010
hey leah
you probably dont know me, I was an exchange student at SCHS 5 years ago
I met you once at church, you were an amazing girl, and reading all the comments on your wall confirmed it!!
you are so missed, you cant imagine, everyone who met you remembers and will always remember you
you cant imagine how your life was precious!!
what happened to you is so unfair, and especially to you, I cant beleive you had to go through this to leave our world.. well at least, you are in better place now, and you cant see what our planet is going through, you are in such better and safer place
I'll see you up there
watch over those who love you, you are so missed!
Angel Leah February 28, 2010
Senior Olympics Team February 28, 2010
~Senior Olympic Girls~ February 28, 2010
school spirit
Angelica Salmon February 24, 2010
Sweet Sweet Leah

Sweet Leah,

 I have known you since you were five and you and Shay became best friends. You have been like my very own daughter. I tried to shelter you and tell you what a great girl you were. When I found out you were dating Jake and asked you not to go out with him, that you could do so much better. I begged and begged. I don't know what you saw in him but knowing you you tried to help him. I feel so guilty I didn't do more to stop you or tell your parents, but you were 18 and head strong. I'm so sad you are not in our lives here on earth now, but I have plenty of pictures of you Shay together. Just recently your graduation pictures. You two were so happy. I miss your smiles. You smiled and laughed all the time. Just remember how much I love you and miss you. Your mom and I are going to Nashville soon and to the beach again. Your mom and family are so sad and I want to always be there for them. We (Summer, Anthony,Shay, and I) all miss and love you.




Chelsea Jensen February 13, 2010
My Angel in Nashville
image Momma and I went to Nashville this time last weekend. Your momma was going to go, but she couldn't. We really missed having the two of you with us... the last time we went to Nashville, it was all four of us! Your momma misses you so much Leah-girl. She has been so strong through all of this. The reason why I went to Nashville was to audition for an agency... you would have loved going with me! I actually auditioned in the same studio you went with me to a couple of years ago!! How neat is that? All I could think about while sitting in the studio is how beautiful we thought the studio was, how when I looked out the window it was raining and gray outside (just as it was when you were with me), and how we learned how to put on our lipstick with the "gold-gloss" trick by the make-up artist woman... haha we did our lips like that all through high school after she taught us!! The woman from the agency called me "Chelsea-girl." It was all I could do to keep from crying... Being in that same studio, in the same rain, and having someone call me "Chelsea-girl" was a gift from God, because I know you were with me in Nashville!! I honestly didn't know how I'd go to Nashville without you, but I really wasn't without you because you were with me the entire time!! Why else would someone call me "Chelsea-girl?" You are my Leah-girl, and I love you so much. Forever my angel. Forever my best friend.
Alana Whiton February 4, 2010
Forever in my heart...
Hey beautiful. Just visiting your page again.. your family has really done an awesome job with it, all of the pictures, everything.. it's just amazing. I love being able to see your smile in all these pictures. But then again, when were you not smiling? Picture or no picture, you were always happy. That is my absolute favorite thing about you Leah. Your smile was just... contagious. You had the ability to make anyone smile and share your happiness with them. You always did that for me. And you still do that. Remember all of our goofy memories? The ones with you are unforgettable. I remember being in middle school and we were inseparable. I remember sleepovers at your house, and your Mamaw always making us breakfast. I remember learning our backhand springs on the trampolene, and spraying each other with the water hose. We were always outside doing something fun. Weekends at your Dad's house were always fun. Renting movies and getting pizza. I remember when Haley was born. We stayed at the hospital all through the night just see her come into this world. You were so excited to be sharing your birthday with her. You told me "This is the best birthday present ever." Leah, these memories mean so much to me, and I think about them every day. I look at your facebook or memorial page and see how loved you are and how missed you are. You made such an impact on everyone's life. I don't think there is anyone who knew you that wasn't affected by this. Such a bright and beautiful girl's life taken so carelessly. Justice will be served for you girl, whether it is here on Earth or on his judgment day in front of God. No one knows why this happened except for God, and we will know why one day. Until then, I just pray for strength for everyone that is grieving for you.
The Twins February 2, 2010
Young Life Friends

Leah,Daniel and Douglas McDaniel

The Twins

Always in our heart!

Chelsea Jensen January 30, 2010
My Motivation
image You sent me dreams about your sweet smile again last night. I dream about you so often, it's hard for me to remember exactly what the dreams are about. They all seem to be of just you and me talking or smiling at each other.. Momma & I watched the preliminaries of Miss America last night, and we plan on watching the actual program tonight. You always told me, "You could do that! You could be Miss America!" And I'm going to be there one day. And I'm going to do it for you.. Your momma's been staying at the other house this week. Seth's dog--TRex--is afraid of her, so he barks at her every time he sees her. She's afraid of him too, so she carries around a bag of dog treats and constantly feeds him to make him like her... You would laugh so hard if you saw the two of them!! It's hard for me to see and talk to your momma without all of our precious memories together flooding back. I think of all of the times the four of us would jump in a car and travel together... Next weekend Momma and I are going to Nashville.. Remember all of our fun times in Nashville?? Those were our favorite trips!! We always had so much fun and laughed the whole weekend!! I miss those times so, so much... It seems like I do everything in memory of you now, because your precious life was ended so soon. My classes, my sorority, my extra activities at school, my auditions, my pageants...I do it all thinking about you and knowing how happy you would be for me and how you would be with me 100% of the way. I love you so so much Leah-girl, and I can't wait to dream about you again tonight. When I travel to Nashville next weekend, I hope you'll line dance for me in Heaven...we loved doing that. =) I posted a picture of us in middle school during one of our many adventures at Dollywood. This time is when I convinced you to write our names on the seat of the ferris wheel we were riding. You were afraid we would get in trouble, but I said, "Leah! Our names and memories will be on here FOREVER!" You couldn't resist =)
Kristin Weckesser January 27, 2010
Sweet Leah-Girl
leah.. i think about you daily.. and talk about you all the time with our friends about the memories we have of you.. i miss you so much.. i remember when we were younger and we were in your moms car.. she bought us two doughnuts a piece. you had eaten both of yours and i just had one.. i remember you asked me if you could have half of mine.. lol i was like well okay fine.. you ended up eating the whole thing!! haha.. i miss those days.. i remember your goofy orange cat and in the summer yall would shave its furr and it had a ball at the end of its tail and feet. poor cat lol. i remember you always slurped your drinks and after eating youd lick all your fingers.. those are the things i miss sooo much about you. and how you somehow always rememberd my birthday.. i have a picture of you and me and shara loveday from back in 1st grade.. we were all holding hands.. i keep it by my bed i love it.. your momma was always takin pictures.. i thank her for that cause now it brings me some comfort.. do you remember those times we had the slumber parties at your church?? and we would play hide and go seek in the pitch black?? we were so scared but it was a rush at the same time.. you had a huge crush on justin then lol.. i really wish we kept in touch alot more than we did in the past few years.. i miss you soo much leah.. i just hope you and your family gets justice. i know at the hearing when i saw jake i was just overcome with sadness and anger cause i couldnt do anything to him for you.. the laws and justice system are just soo crooked leah.. i just pray about it leah.. i love you soo much leah..

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