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Leah Victoria Avril
Born in Tennessee
18 years
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Moma's Angel Girl Texts

This page is created to leave text-messages to Leah. She loved texting on her cell phone.


Our Sweet Leah doing what she loved~~texting!

 ~Sweet Niece Haley~ "Can I please talk to Auntie?"


ur moma April 20, 2010
so sad!!!

Hi my angelgirl i went 2 order a tree in ur honor at wscc i going 2hv it but near the building u was in most ms fraser seems verynice then i went 2 visit





Hi  my leah angelgirl yesterday was so hard i went 2 pick ur special stone aunt bonnie and aunt jo was with me i think u will likeit i jus wan 2 try 2 explain how much i lvu         3/11/10



ur moma April 20, 2010

I love you so much and my heart bleeds 4 u my angel girl everywhere i look it reminds me of u i pray 2 God we get justice 4 u and ur whole fam and friends lvyourmoma




Hi my angelgirl u have been with Jesus 2 mo 2day we went 2ur resting place were their th time igot thacall thawil 4ever change mlife


Hey baby moma cant sleep imiss u so much i went 2 visit u tues i jus sat there my brain felt numb i hv us a matching stone i wil be right bside u angel


6:11am   3/11 10

ur moma April 20, 2010
missing my angel girl

Happy Valentines Day! My Leah i love u and miss u more 2today than yesterday me sissy and mamaw r getting ready 2 come visit u its about 9:00 am u b laughur moma

2/14/10  9:00am


well im not going with sissy and mamaw but im planning on coming up later i put a couple of heart in the paper 4 u i love u more than life it self




hi my leah ur resting place looked so beautiful




hi my baby mommy loves u sooooo much i wish icould see u i would hv come up there at the apartments i wish u could hv called me i would hv been there


9:16pm  2/24/10


 Hi my baby leah girl i miss u more everyday and love u more & more i pray the rapture is soon my heart just dont want 2 go on but i wil try bcas uwan me 2


8:12 am    


i love you soooosooooo much and i miss u jus as much my leah i no u wouldnt wan ur moma 2 hurt bad 4 u i pray i dont lose it b4 justice or after i love u

 2/26/10  8:12 am



Hi baby i miss u so much my heart bleeds 4u and the pain hurts more than when i had u and its all the time i pray u didnt hurt so bad i no u wer scared





HEATHER March 15, 2010
hey beautiful angel!! hope ur havin the time of ur life in heaven! u always were the sunshine in everyone's life! miss u 2 much!! :-) Heather & Reganne
~~Aunt Jo~~ February 23, 2010
"Please answer your phone Leah"

leah u no ur ant jo don't txt much but i jus wan 2 send u a hello n heav n  i mis u so much i fix this page 4 ur moma she txt u a lot  i tlk 2 sissy last nite a long time  she is so sad so is haley i go 2 lite a candl  ily ant jo





Missing you ~ ur momma February 22, 2010
~Please text me in a dream~
This is a text msg i sent to you in Heaven on 1/1/10~~~  Happy new year my leah so much hapin 2009good@bad but i still hated 2se it go it waur yr baby now God hs wonderful angelgirl @ur wh   mysis@my dad  I lvu ur Momma
ur momma February 22, 2010
"wished you could text me back"

Merry Christmas this is our first Christ-morning apart but we r stil 2gether because Jesus lives in both of us i really mis u being here  with me i no ur hap

 8:13am     12/25/09


Hi angelgirl i pray if u r a guardian angel that u r mine if that would b Gods will i dont no how 2 live with out u r haley gives me hope & God lvuyo










This is a text I sent to you to Heaven on 1/1/10.~~~~~Goodnite my angelgirl i kno u mus b so hap bein with Jesus an playn with th wildanimal beach walk st of gold@withluv1 i misu bt ikno u r saf anhap 4ever I lvu urmomma

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