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Leah Victoria Avril
Born in Tennessee
18 years
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Adoring Niece Haley's Pages

A loving bond is established 

Auntie and her new little niece  Haley


I will always miss my Auntie!

My mommy, me, and Auntie, I had to pose like Auntie.


My Beautiful Auntie

" Ballerina  Princess"

























Haley February 15, 2010
Haley's Tooth

Haley February 4, 2010
My Aquarium Dream


     The day you went to heaven me and mommy went to the zoo. You told mommy you would go on the next feild trip but you didn't have the chance. Mommy and me went to the aquarium for a feild trip and I know you were there because the other night i dreamed that mommy ,me and you were looking at fish at the aquarium. Auntie you will always live in side my heart no matter what know one can take that away.I ask mommy all the time way did that boy do that to my auntie and take you away from us. Our family will never be the same without you. Your room is still the same it will always be called aunties room.I wish you were coming over to stay the night with us and make cookies.I will love you forever and always.I know you are the prettiest angel in heaven because you are a princess to me. I miss your smell and your kisses.I have mommy kiss me and I close my eyes and picture that it is you,If shes not doing it right i tell her and she trys again .It will never be like you, nobody will ever be like my auntie.Loving you forever,Haley

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